About Mezzanines

About Mezzanines

An Authoritative List of the Best Mezzanine Manufacturers Available

Mezzanines are raised, often un-walled platforms built inside preexisting structures that act as semi-permanent stories between the ceiling and floor of a building. They are utilized in a plethora of applications where space maximization is required. Any business that desires efficiency must take space management into account. As businesses grow, they often require more space to sustain that growth. Instead of constructing or purchasing a new facility, mezzanines can provide that extra space for a company’s needs. Whether its extra product and equipment storage or work and office space, mezzanines can effectively double the capacity of the area where installed.

Typically a mezzanine’s design reflects the intended application. They can be utilized for extra storage, act as auditorium seating, provide working space for equipment and act as a platform enabling extra offices for workers. They are essentially provide an additional story to the facility where installed. Freestanding mezzanines, many of which are prefabricated, have the ability to stand without the support of another structure. They are usually used to perform less demanding tasks like the temporary storage of lighter-weight materials. Industrial mezzanines are heavy duty platforms designed to withstand heavier and shiftier loads found in many industrial settings. Mezzanines can also be structural and are typically made of steel or other strong metals.

Some facilities place platforms around the perimeter of the factory. These perimeter mezzanines are typically used for either the observation of floor operations or as a type of highway to transport people and goods from one end of the facility to the other. Some factories even use these platforms to accommodate visitors during tours. Some mezzanines are equipped with lifts and conveyors for more efficient transportation, which makes retrieval and storage of materials less complicated. Access stairs are threaded and marked with brightly colored tape for worker safety. Perimeter railings can also be installed to prevent falls. Offices can also be built either below and/or above these platforms. For example, offices can be placed on a mezzanine, providing storage space below. Most mezzanine manufacturers provide installation services and can customize the platforms to fit the needs of their customers.

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